If you’ve had to create your firm’s marketing assets (e.g. brochure, website, campaigns etc.), it’s likely that you have been challenged on two counts: developing the copy content and getting someone to design the asset such that it conveys a polished, professional brand. How often have your efforts been delayed or stalled because (a) you simply haven’t had the time to write copy and/or (b) you can’t find a graphic designer who can deliver a product that reflects your brand? And even if you’ve got that brochure or postcard, who helps you decide which list to mail to? Who helps you use it in a way that generates business?

Often, most firms in such a situation default to hiring an agency with a team of copywriters and graphic designers. While the work they do is often up to par, you’re essentially paying for the billings of an entire team.

Bottom line: it gets expensive.

What sets me apart from most legal marketing consultants is that I do both. My legal and marketing experience enables me to write legalese for a lay (non-legal) audience that compels brand recognition, and my desktop publishing skills enables me to create the final product in both web and print format. This means saving you time, money and the stress of having to integrate content development with design. Certainly, in some cases, it would be more cost-and-time-effective for me to develop content for you, and work with a graphic artist to design your marketing asset.

The point is to achieve a final product of quality that reflects your brand, and which doesn’t hurt your budget or saddle you with having to constantly liaise with more than one person.

For an example on how I work with firms, take a look at this video.

The other benefit I offer is this: today’s marketing toolkit can be complex and often it’s hard to decide which tools to invest in. Do you go for automated marketing that can cost thousands a month? Would you be able to evaluate their real value and make a business decision on whether to start/continue? What if your website has bugs or needs a face-lift – can you tell whether your web developer truly understands your brand and what you need to promote it? Can you make simple updates without having to call him or her every time you have a problem with a blog or uploading an asset or promoting a special campaign? What if you want to generate speaking engagements with target audiences or have an article written up about you in the local press? Where would you start? And how would you ensure you always make smart choices about your budget? And last but not least, if you have an associate dedicated to marketing, who gives her/him guidance and keeps that valuable staff member on track?

I can help you. I’ve worked in large professional services firms, as well as help run marketing for small, boutique firms. My forte is being able to execute and implement, with an eye on quality, resources and results.  I’m not a master of all trades, but I have enough experience to guide you in making smart decisions about your marketing, including ensuring you work with vendors or other consultants who really know what they are doing.  Small firms like yours may not have the resources for a full-time marketing manager, but could still benefit from a consultant who offers the value-add of one.