e-guide (Estate Planning) 

About This Project: A solo practitioner whose practice focused on estate planning for families needed a marketing asset he could (a) hand out to prospects at presentations and (b) use as a “lead magnet” for his automated marketing campaigns on lead generation. I advised him that e-guides had become staples for most professional services.  Why? While blogs are great for general reading, consumers are now adamant about receiving value — they expect from you more cogent guides that would offer specific guidance, and not just general content that they could get from any legal website.

Researching, writing and designing the 10-page e-Guide took only a few days.  For my busy client, not having to fact-check specific laws or re-write copy was a key advantage. Also, I made sure to use royalty-free and attribution-free images for this piece so that I could keep production costs minimal for him.