Apto Marketing (Brochure)

About This Project: It took me about 3 days to create my firm’s brochure – copy-writing, designing (including searching for royalty-free stock photos) and getting it commercial print-ready . While I don’t use my brochure in direct mail (more of this topic later in my blog), I do think it’s still worth including your brochure in your marketing arsenal. You can use it at industry events and speaking engagements, and mail it to selected prospects. Certainly, your website remains your main calling card, but 3-D pieces such as a succinct, attractive brochure have their uses too. Remember to use pics to break the monotony and create visual appeal. Above all, the copy content should be a short and sharp summary of the benefits of your services that your reader will find compelling. Lastly, keep it clean i.e. ensure there’s enough “white space”; don’t tire your reader with too much content and busy graphics. Our eyeballs are overloaded enough as it is!

(Note: while I can create the content and design for you, sometimes, working with the graphic designers I know saves time and may actually cost you less. Whatever cost savings I obtain are passed on to you, the client.)


16 April 2014