About This Project: Your existing and newly-acquired clients are your most valuable assets. Too often, we move on quickly to the next client or transaction, when we should pause a little and think about the person we just provided valuable service to.  This recent client is someone who has just had a good experience with your firm, and this is the opportune time to (a) get referrals and (b) learn about him or her so that you can continue to cultivate that person.  

There are ways by which you can systematically cultivate a client consistently. One tool you can use is what I call the Client Cultivation Card. The aim is to build communication and contact with your client, around activities and interests that will engage them further. So for example, if your client enjoys golf and is also a supporter of local charities, consider inviting him to a golf charity event with you. You’ll know that this is likely to go down well with him since you’d have noted this on his Client Cultivation Card.

Read my blog Cognitio for more on how to use this marketing asset to expand your client relationships for better returns.