How To Spend Your Marketing Dollars (Applying Method to Madness)

There are lots of moving parts in your firm’s marketing machine. And sometimes it seems so ….  overwhelming. After all, the practice of law – and not trying to balance your marketing budget – is what your business is all about. Still, you’ve probably had that nagging feeling for a while that while business is pretty decent, it’s time to restart your marketing that’s lain dormant for a tad too long.

Should you just jump in and spend money like all the other lawyers you know? How much should you set aside in marketing dollars? What should you focus on?

Here’s a thought: why not just start with what you’ve done before. To help you, I’ve put together a simple document that’s highly usable  your Marketing ROI — what you have now, what you need to get, what you can let go off (and stop spending money on).

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