G R O W.

Think of me as your dedicated marketing department. But without the big overheads of employee salaries and benefits. Or the need for constant supervision.

My goal is to provide only the marketing you need, at prices you can afford. I'll build and integrate the crucial parts of your marketing machine for better lead generation.

What I do

What I Do

By integrating your branding, website content, online presence and in-person events, I can help you close the gaps in your marketing.

Content Creation

that drives your brand and showcases your expertise (I create your blog updates, articles, newsletters, case wins, testimonials, e-guides, and animated videos.)

Social Media Advertising & Automated Marketing

that distributes your content to create fresh leads (I create and manage your Facebook & LinkedIn advertising campaigns, integrating them with your email marketing etc.)

Seminars & Speaking Engagements

that get you in front of qualified prospects (I coordinate speaking opportunities, implement event promotion, and create your presentations and materials)




I am a little different from other marketing consultants.  Here’s Why.
















Click on the images to see some of the work Apto Marketing has completed for attorneys and other service professionals. If there's something that catches your eye, let's talk more about what we could achieve with your budget and time-line - email for a complimentary 1-hour consultation.



If you're like most small law firms, you most probably work with a tight marketing budget. Apto Marketing's pricing options have been developed to make my services affordable for solo practitioners and smaller firms.

You get competitive pricing for what is CUSTOM-TAILORED content; it's never "canned" content (like what you get from other providers). Custom-tailored content brings out your personal brand and sets you apart from the competition. For example, it allows for us to refer to your recent case wins,  positive client reviews, and recognition or awards you've received. Your practice is ever-evolving and there's a lot of great, compelling news to share with your prospects and clients. Even cases presented as case studies on new changes in the legal landscape can be noteworthy for your readers. I'll customize your email newsletters, blog posts, e-guides and advertisements to showcase what's unique and valuable about you and your practice. Sounding like everyone else doesn't allow us to promote what's most authentic about you. And authenticity begets trust.

Ask for a complimentary 1-hour review of your marketing needs to see what I can do to help you, within the marketing budget you've got.


Who I Work With

Small law firms (solo attorneys and practices with no more than three attorneys) often lack the resources to hire full-time staff to market themselves effectively. Ironically, small law firms are precisely the professionals that lay persons needs today: you're best placed to provide them with the guidance and individual attention they require, at a price they can afford.

This is a unique opportunity for firms like yours. And for integrated marketing professionals like myself who possess both marketing and legal practice experience.

While I work with firms based in New York, the nature of my services are such that I am happy and able to collaborate with firms anywhere who require help with generating new business with effective legal marketing.



Joanna Foo is Principal of Apto Marketing. An erstwhile lawyer with an MBA, Joanna has 15 years of experience in integrated marketing that melds content development, social media marketing, automated marketing, media placement, direct marketing, client cultivation and community events.

Joanna's unique combination of legal knowledge and marketing experience enables her to market law firms to lay audiences in an effective, compelling way that won't break the bank.


What Clients Say

“Joanna of Apto Marketing created a great e-Guide on estate planning for me in less than a week.  It’s content that is accessible by a lay audience, well-written and well-researched. Just what I need to promote my area of practice. Her fees are highly affordable and she respects my time. Plus she’s always ready with ideas for what works best for you.”

Robert Maher, Esq. (Robert J Maher, P.C.)


“Joanna is incredible. Goes above and beyond and provides great value to her clients. I highly recommend her services.”

Patrick Wartan Esq. (Practice Group Chair (Food & Beverage), Taft, Stettinus & Hollister)